Weekend Announcement
Please note that our facility will be closed to the public this Sunday 2/18 for a Coaches Clinic.

Summer Camp 4 @ NI

9:00 am

July 24, 2017

Ninth Inning Baseball will be offering a series of four Summer Camp sessions for players ages 5-12. During the four day camps, we will focus on the major fundamentals of the game, such as hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, and baserunning. Camp members will run through a series of stations that will continually challenge them throughout the week, as well as participate in controlled practice games for them to utilize what they’ve learned at camp! The first two camp sessions will be held at Murphey Candler Park from 9am-2pm and will cost $215. The last two camp sessions will be at our Ninth Inning indoor/outdoor facility from 9am-1pm and will cost $175. Registration for these camps can be completed by clicking on the links below! Don’t forget about all of our membership discounts on camps!

July 24-27 @ Ninth Inning