Eduardo Torres

Eduardo is a 26 year old coach from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He’s played the game for more than 15 years representing his country in different internationals tournaments (12U, 15U, 17U), experience with pro team camps and winter ball. Also, he has one year of experience at College of the Desert in California and three years at Ecclesia College in Arkansas as a player.

As a Coach, he’s worked with different pro players at AW Academy in Venezuela which prepares young ballplayers to sign in pro ball, Ball & Strikes Academy in Arkansas as an instructor, and one year as an assistant coach at Ecclesia College.

2016-2017 13U & 15U Ninth Inning Royals Assistant Coach

2017-2018 10U Ninth Inning Royals Head Coach

2018-2019 11U Ninth Inning Royals Head Coach & 15U Assistant Coach

2019-2020 12U Ninth Inning Royals Head Coach