Strength & Speed Programs


Training sessions will be split to a “weight day”(form-focused, dynamic functional movement, explosive resistance, body weight control and weight room education) and a “conditioning day” (Plyos, cardiovascular conditioning, running form, ladders, footwork and flexibility). This program is perfect for the younger age group when taking into account the time of day when the class is offered, the amount of work in the gym/week, and the lack of knowledge in these age groups about training.

Cost: $450/year

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Athletes will have a multi-phase program designed to maximize strength, speed and explosiveness with a baseball specific focus in mind. With this program, you also get quarterly benchmarks, so athletes can see their performance over the course of different “training seasons”. This program includes: progressive testing, cross training, functional movements, stabilization training, power training and an intense core focus with multi-planar design to maximize strength gains that translate directly to the diamond.

Cost: $200/month

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All workouts and programs are designed and executed by Rob Iglesias, NASM certified P.E.S.