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The best way to become a better baseball player, soccer player, basketball player, or any athlete isn’t just by playing more of that sports – it’s by improving upon your foundational movement skills, overall athleticism and strength!

At Ninth Inning Baseball Sports Performance, we address all of these performance abilities and more to help every baseball / softball player reach their goals. Classes are open to athletes of all ages, once the class begins the athletes are divided into groups based off age and ability.

All classes are open to both males and females athletes.

Our Sports Performance follows these training principles:

Strength Training:

  • Build a baseline level of total strength to create a foundation to prepare the body for future athletic development
  • Focus will be on sound weight training techniques which will lead to a reduced risk of injury
  • Baseball specific exercise selection to protect joint integrity and train important functional movements using neuromuscular recruitment
  • Develop the rotational power and explosiveness to drive the baseball harder and farther
  • Improve scapular development and strengthening to increase throwing velocity
  • Core/hip stability and explosion to increase muscular power output leading to an increase in bat speed
  • Develop maximal strength for the physically mature athlete

Speed and Agility Training:

  • Develop proper movement technique to improve both coordination and speed.
  • Enhance first-step quickness out of the batters-box with improved reaction.
  • Boost lateral acceleration that results in increased ground coverage to get to balls that were once out of reach.
  • Increase foot quickness and balance with drills that will lead to increased range of motion for stronger, more precise throws.
  • Produce greater tracking in the outfield and improve skills test times with improved change of direction.
  • Develop greater linear acceleration with over-speed resistance drills resulting in a faster 60 yd time and improved base running.
  • Establish a baseline level of cardiorespiratory with efficient energy production in order to reduce in-game fatigue

Initial Athletic Assessment / Evaluation

Athletic Assessments are something that we do on a daily basis. Each athlete moves differently and each individual athlete may move differently than they did 2 weeks ago. What we do here is constantly assess their movement patterns during warm-ups and throughout the workout.

Now we will perform an initial strength and speed evaluation on any athlete who comes in, to see where they are starting at so we can measure improvement and set goals! The evaluation will consist of a different tests depending on the age, training history, and primary sport played by the athlete.

True athletic movement can only be expressed when an athlete has a strong, stable base of fundamental movements. Assessing and optimizing fundamental human movements is the cornerstone of our approach to performance development. Many elite athletes even struggle with some of the most basic movement patterns. By assessing their quality of movement now, we can better train the athlete to understand these fundamental movements and limit potential limitations. Optimizing the movement abilities of athletes allows them to play their chosen sport at a higher level, game in and game out, season after season.

Class Descriptions

Class Pricing Options: 

Basic Training Package – $200  – 8 pack of sessions – Sessions never expire!

Class Schedule

 At Ninth Inning Baseball Sports Performance you’re going to receive training unlike anywhere else. We are a full service training facility that specializes in training athletes to reach their potential and be the best they can be on and off the field.

Our training classes are operated in an “open-floor” style, meaning that anyone, of any age and skill level can come in for an hour and work their hardest to become better. If you’re wondering how that works it’s really simple. Every day we will have a planned workout for that day; it is each athlete’s responsibility to do the workout they are given. Depending on the skill and training level of the athlete, they will perform modifications of certain exercises which will benefit them the most. For example a 10 year-old baseball player will not have the same workout as a 17 year old soccer player. Younger athletes will train more with an emphasis of developing overall athleticism, and working on their ABC’s: Agility, Balance, and Coordination. While our adolescent athletes will work on functional training, strength, and learning better control of their rapidly changing bodies. Athletes who have a longer training history, and have proved their competency of proper form and technique will be allowed to perform more complex lifts.

We don’t expect everyone to be on the same level, which is why we have designed the training classes in such a way that create a safe, engaging, fun, and productive environment for everyone. For the athletes who work hard, in no time, you will start to see strength gains, improved mobility, increased performance on the field, increased energy, decreased pain, and the reduced likelihood of injuries. Training with Ninth Inning Baseball Sports Performance will give you the ability to stand out above the competition.

Below is a list of all the types of training and training tools we use:

  1. Body Weight Exercises
  2. Medicine Balls
  3. Resistance Band Exercises
  4. Increased Flexibility
  5. Increased Joint Stability / Mobility
  6. Core Strengthening
  7. Core Rotational Power
  8. Proper Body Control / Movement Patterns
  9. Agility / Balance / Coordination
  10. Advanced Joint Stability and Mobility Training
  11. Linear Speed / Change of Direction
  12. Power Development
  13. Plyometric Training
  14. Interactive Games
  15. Open Skill Reaction Drills

It’s not how you start…it’s how you finish!

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