2017 Summer Sports Performance Training

at Ninth Inning Baseball

It’s almost SUMMER!  Kids will be out of school and eager to burn some energy. What better place to do that while at the same time, learn to become a better athlete. Get registered today for our Summer Sports Performance Training at Ninth Inning Baseball! 

For all our athletes who train with us, we want them to excel on the field, mat, pool, or wherever it is that they compete. Too often young athletes jump right into playing their sport without taking the time to physically prepare their bodies for the demands of the sport. Nor do many people think about the consequences and end up hurt and/or not playing as well as they’d had hoped to. We believe that if you take the time to prepare your body to handle the physical stresses of your sport, build some strength and body awareness, you will greatly improve your chances of success and decrease your chances of getting injured.

Our Summer Sports Performance Training offers two main classes: Strength and Speed.

Each training program offered allows you to come to 3 sessions per week

If you participate in the Combo Strength and Speed, you can come to 6 training sessions per week!

Athletes ages 8 years and older are welcome to join.

Strength Training

The strength class will focus on three key factors: overall athletic development, obtaining a strong foundation of strength and conditioning, and fun! It doesn’t matter if you are currently competing or getting ready for the up-coming season, our strength program is custom-tailored to you. Now is the time to start. We offer exactly what any athlete needs to get in the best playing-shape possible.

This year, let our highly motivated and dedicated staff train your son or daughter with a proven system that gets results. Every program, class, and repetition is planned for and designed to help your son or daughter reach their athletic potential.

We all have preconceived notions in our minds on what strength training looks like, but for most youth athletes who train here it’s nothing like what you are thinking. If you are interested in getting stronger and learning how to exercise safely and properly, then strength training classes are for you! 

Every class will incorporate…

Dynamic Warm-up – which will include soft tissue work and movement prep exercises to help get the body warmed and prepared to start training.

Primary Workout – the majority of our time will be focused on functional lifting by working in all the planes of motion to promote a more balanced, healthy athlete.

Cool Down – During this time we will relax and stretch to help promote recovery and decrease the likelihood of future injuries.

Speed, Power, and Agility Training

If Speed, Power, and Agility training sounds more like your thing, then look no further! This class is designed to get you moving faster. In almost every sport the quicker you can move the more successful you will be. Whether that is getting to first base or running 100 yards, you have to do it fast! Each speed session will focus on running form, leg speed, agility drills, and speed games. Speed training is accomplished by performing the drills as hard as you can for a short amount of time, recovering, and then repeating, so that you can continue to perform at an optimal level every time! This training is great for anyone who feels slow, needs to learn proper running form, or looks “sluggish” on the field. If this an area you feel you need improvement in, sign up, and let’s get started!

Class Schedule

Monday, May 29th – Friday, August 4th

Monday – Friday

Speed, Power, and Agility Training: 10am – 11am & 2pm – 3pm

Strength Training: 11am – 12pm & 3pm – 4pm


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