Video Lesson Analysis

Video Lesson Analysis

Welcome to Ninth Inning’s Video Lesson Analysis program; these virtual lessons are an extension of our Virtual Academy. With this add-on, we offer you the opportunity to send us your video and learn from one of our skilled, professional coaches. Our library of instructional videos are helpful and educational, but when it comes to your swing, mechanics or other aspect of your game we can deliver a personalized lesson with drill recommendations and practice techniques.

As former professional and collegiate players we understand the importance of productive feedback, and with our Video Lesson Analysis you get that delivered in your inbox!  Sometimes all you need is another set of eyes or a different point of view, but whatever you are looking for we can get you back in the zone.  These lessons are more of a conversation and the beginning of a relationship whether you are a first time player or a professional looking for another opinion.

How it works: You will be able to submit your personal videos to one of our professional instructors for review and a brief breakdown of the swing, pitching mechanics, fielding and even weight lifting techniques specifically for baseball players . Your video will be returned to you by the instructor with voiceover commentary that will involve using graphics to point out specific actions, both good and bad, at certain points throughout the swing/pitch. Your analyzed video containing professional instructors commentary will be anywhere between 5-10 minutes long, so please allow us 24-48 hours for proper analysis and returned to you by email!

NOTE**For Hitting and Pitching Videos, please provide 2-4 swings/pitches from the “face-on” view. The more data we have, the more accurate information we can provide.

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